Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University

ТГК-1, Южная ТЭЦ, Санкт-ПетербургThe Scientific and Research Laboratory “Industrial Heat Power system” is based on the Department of nuclear and thermal power of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and successfully develops, covering all the newer areas of the energy market.

Highly qualified specialists and experts of the laboratory of the leading technical university of St. Petersburg have a wide work experience supported with the fundamental knowledge in the areas of thermal power system and heating technology and at the same time, walk in step with the latest devices and advanced technologies, which also embody the organization’s activities.

 We have all the necessary licenses, including the license of FSB allowing to work with the state secret, as well as the certificate of SRO. From the technical point of view, the laboratory is completely supplied with a new highly effective computer hardware and software. Also in the arsenal are Measurement Instruments – thermal imagers, measuring instruments of density of thermal streams and temperature, thermohygrometers, anemometers, gas analyzers, 3D-printer and etc.

 At the moment on our account are more than 50 executed schemes of heat supply, water supply and drainage schemes of city settlements, including such as Ozersk, Petrozavodsk, Kislovodsk, Syzran and others and in the process of realization are schemes of the large cities: Murmansk, Barnaul, Tomsk and Yekaterinburg .

Expert and Technical Council carried out more than 85 expertises of the  settlement’s heat and water supply schemes. And also the increasing demand falls on such works as programs of complex development, 3D-modeling and production of models of power objects.

 Main directions of our activity:

  • Development and updating of schemes of heat supply, water supply and drainage and also development of programs of complex development of the territories, settlements and municipalities using the electronic models developed on the basis of program and settlement systems – Zulu Thermo, Zulu Hydro, Zulu Drain, Zulu Gas;
  • Conducting expertises:
    • expertise of water supply and drainage schemes;
    • Expertise of schemes of heat supply;
    • examination of programs of complex development of engineering infrastructure;
  •  Conducting energy inspections and energy audit of power facilities, industrial enterprises and housing and communal services sector;
  • Development of energy passports;
  • Development of programs of energy efficiency and implementation of energy saving and resource-saving technologies, etc .;
  • Modeling and calculation of thermal schemes of combined heat and power plants CHP (boiler rooms) with use of the program and settlement United Cycle complex;
  •  Development of design and budget documentation of capital construction, reconstruction and repair of objects of fuel and energy complex and internal engineering systems of buildings, and also capital construction projects of residential and public purpose;
  • 3D-modeling and production of models of energy facilities;
  • Development of projects of the estimated sanitary protection zone of the enterprises and ecological supervision;
  • Conduct training in the field of energy and resource provisioning and work in the software and computational complex;
  • Development of settlement and software systems.

 For complete information about the organization’s activities, read the section “Our work”

Addressing to us, you get high-quality work, fully complying with the requirements of standard of legal documentation and technical specifications, made not on a template, but with an individual approach and the characteristics of each project individually.

For more detailed information about available services, contact us by phone 8 (921) 904-04-42.

Sincerely, collective of The laboratory “Industrial Heat Power system “