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3D-modeling and production models

Modern technologies allow to create something that ten years ago seemed impossible. 3D-modeling – one of the fastest growing forms of design, allows you to create 3D-objects, visible from all sides and most accurately mimic the original. Volumetric 3D-model allows to receive a clear and realistic picture of the project with the placement of equipment, devices and nodes to connect places of passage and laying of pipelines, in accordance with the technical documentation, manufacturing processes and customer drawings.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Properly made and deeply detailed industrial layout has a special appeal, because it is a small copy of the big world. This is especially interesting for the provision of investment projects to investors and the government, which will be much easier to understand smaketirovannuyu company structure, which proposes to invest.

Stages of imaging:

Rendering process begins with the construction of the object image which includes the following stages:

  1. Modeling – creating three-dimensional mathematical model of the scene and the transformation of objects in the model, consisting of a large number of polygons (the so-called polygon) and performs functions based on 3D-modeling;
  2. Texturing – tuning of material properties (transparency, roughness, etc.) And the selection needed textures for each model;
  3. Installation and configuration of light sources;
  4. Rendering – the creation of the final three-dimensional image on the basis of previously obtained polygons.

After the above steps carried out the final 3D-image processing and correction.

When deciding to re-create the layout object, you must keep in mind the following points:

  • Understanding how much should really worth your layout;
  • The data on the material from which it is necessary to make your layout and why;
  • A clear understanding in what time frame can be made your layout;
  • Determination of the optimal size and scale for the executable layout;
  • Control over the manufacture of the layout;
  • Check for quality performance and a willingness to layout;
  • Delivery of the layout in compliance with all the rules of transportation models

The work to reduce the time of manufacture in addition to the manual labor used:

  • Laser Machines,
  • 3D-milling machines,
  • woodworking machinery,
  • cutter and others.

Complex and simple 3D-modeling – difference approach

There are two basic approaches to creating models of objects. The first is to use primitives (simple geometrical shapes) as the basis for 3D-modeling, while the second involves drawing pictures modellingu by using various tools and techniques.

Primitives are most often used in simple 3D – modeling, and in the implementation of complex projects, they are rarely used.

But no matter what needs to be done on the complexity of the 3D-image of the object, a prerequisite for the visualization of any object or interior design facilities, is the knowledge of special programs and functions.

Whatever it was, to build their own three-dimensional model of something very difficult, even studying the basic foundation-3D modeling. After all, this work is quite time consuming and takes a lot of time and effort. That is why, to get a really high-quality 3D-images, it is best to seek help from a certified specialist.

Same as modeling, manufacturing models is also a process complicated and carries a number of professional tasks. Therefore, to meet today’s requirements is almost impossible to do without attracting modelers – professionals with qualified engineers, modelers generalist, modelers, designers and related equipment, as well as advanced technologies and extensive experience.

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