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Electric Power

According to the Government of the Russian Federation from October 17, 2009 № 823 “On the schemes and programs of perspective development of electric power industry”, the documents determining the development of the electric power industry are:

Development and approval of the latter document lies on the shoulders of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation. Schemes and programs (hereinafter – the M & As) is developed on the 5-year period with annual updating to 1 May this year. (see. the presentation below)

This document is the basis for the approval of regional investment program in the electricity sector and contains forward-looking indicators of production and consumption of electric energy and power, information on existing and imposed on the reporting period power plants, substations, transmission lines, and so on. D.

Among the most important documents regulating the development of the electricity, comes from the Federal Law 26.03.2003 № 35-FZ “On Electricity” (with amended) and more than a dozen resolutions, a list of which is presented on the website the Ministry of Energy.

We are currently implemented and is at the stage of approval of M & Electric Power Development of the Murmansk region for the period from 2016 to 2020 and developed the section of power supply for the integrated development program in Yekaterinburg for the period until 2025. Summaries of the projects carried out to date can be found below.

In conclusion, we emphasize that the development of electric power project – a complex multi-level problem in each particular case has its own characteristics. Quality work lays the future serviceable and efficient operation of the electrical network, which in consequence guarantees the reliability of the integrated power grid and formirovanie spravedlivyh prices at the wholesale market.

Схема и программа развития электроэнергетики Мурманской области на период с 2016 по 2020 год

На основании Постановления Правительства от 17.10.2009 г. № 823 «О схемах и программах перспективного развития электроэнергетики» и государственного контракта от 20.02.2015 по заказу Министерства энергетики и жилищно-коммунального хозяйства Мурманской области был принят к исполнению проект «Схема и программа развития электроэнергетики Мурманской области на период с 2016 по 2020 год»

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