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Basic principles of energy saving policy of the state


  1. A priority of effective use of energy resources, including on the basis of alternative and renewable energy sources;
  2. Stimulations of production and use fuel – and the energy saving equipment
  3. Implementation of the state supervision and control of effective use of energy resources;
  4. Obligation of accounting by legal entities of the energy resources made or spent by them, and also for individuals of the energy resources received by them;
  5. Conducting energy audits of the organizations;
  6. Assessment of energy efficiency as part of the examination of investment projects;
  7. The Interrelation of energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

Promoting the efficiency of public policies in the field of energy efficiency and investment attractiveness of the power industry has Federal State Institution “Russian Energy Agency” (REA), the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

CEA ensures the implementation of 261-FZ and government activities in the field of energy efficiency, innovative energy, renewable energy sources (RES). As well as a center for the exchange of information, monitoring, training, coordination and incentives for energy efficiency projects.

Several informational video highlighting the importance of the issues of rational use of resources are shown in the videos below.

The state policy in the field of energy efficiency. State and prospects of implementation of the state policy in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency.
The concept of energy service activities Russian